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Jul 24, 2008

I can recognise handsome cop

laichihoe | ....Recalling the incident, Lai said he noticed one of the police personnel because of his "good looks" since he did not bring down his helmet visor.

However, Lai, who installs home alarms for a living, told the inquiry that he would only be able to recognize the police personnel if he "puts on the same uniform he wore that night."

"Otherwise, I will not be able to as I would not know if he is bald or not," he added to the amusement of those present.

'Stop beating the public'

Lai, who was the first witness to testify today, said he saw three to four plainclothes policemen dragging Chang out of the car. They then allegedly "kicked and hit" the mechanic.

"Upon seeing this, other bystanders and myself started shouting ‘'polis, jangan hentam rakyat!' (Police, don’t beat the public).

"(But) after we shouted, the police stopped (beating him). I saw him (Chang) fall to the ground and he was kicked again," he added.

Following this, Lai said the mechanic was trying to stand up and this was when he was set upon by the ‘handsome’ FRU personnel.

"When he got up, I saw the FRU personnel proceed towards him and he used his shield to beat this person and at the same time, he kicked him. I think the police thought he was trying to run away," he added. ... selanjutnya.


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