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Jul 24, 2008

Najib has 3 Mercedes at home, says Terengganu MB

allenstae | I like what Terengganu MB Ahmad Said had jeered, "Look at Datuk Seri Najib, he has 3 Mercedes at home." Ya, Najib did not agree with the MB for buying 14 Mercs for BN State Assemblymen and brought this up to the Cabinet.

The Cabinet ordered them to buy Proton Perdana instead. But the MB insisted to go ahead for the Mercs. Najib loves Mercs, and was he sincere to live an exemplary life? Was he the right person to advise the MB?


Anonymous said...

Is najib the right person to be our next prime minister? poodah! He is the man without a heart towards poor and only knows how to waste government treasures for Olympics but he cares a lot towards sodomy victims.

Anonymous said...

Scandals of Najib:-

1) Caught having sex with an actress

2) Snatched people's wife- pay ganti rugi to the former husband

3) Almost Billion Dollar commission for purchase of sub marine and Sukhoi

4) Allegation of him involved sexually with Altantuya

5) Allegation of murder of Altantuya

6) Fabrication of evidence to fix Anwar of sodomy

All these are known matters to ordinary Malaysian. Unknown matters who knows how many.

A person with this much criminal activities @ illicit sex, corruption and murder, Can we expect this man as our PM? If anyone says yes he must be the biggest sinner of all.

Well wisher

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