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Jul 24, 2008

Tahun Meliwat Malaysia

Imagemalaysiatoday | ....Of course, that was then. Today, PAS has no problems working with the kafirs. They even form state governments in partnership with kafirs. So, sitting down for talks with Umno to explore how PAS can leave Pakatan Rakyat and join Barisan Nasional is no longer a problem either. If they can form state governments with the ‘kafir’ DAP what would be so wrong with also forming a federal government with the ‘kafir’ Umno?

We must understand, though, PAS was never really serious about forming an Islamic State. That was just election rhetoric for the benefit of the voters in the Malay heartland. PAS knows it can never turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. It can’t even turn the states it controls into Islamic States. The Federal Constitution of Malaysia does not allow for this. The non-Muslims, of course, knew this all along. That was why many non-Muslims voted for PAS in the recent general election. They knew that PAS is all lip service and that there is no way in hell PAS can turn Malaysia into an Islamic State. The gullible and naïve Malays did not know this though. They thought PAS really meant what it was saying. But PAS is a political party. And politicians never tell the truth. Politicians say what the voters want to hear and then do whatever is necessary for their political survival.

Immediately after the March 2008 general election, Umno Perak approached PAS Perak and proposed a coalition. Umno agreed that PAS becomes the Menteri Besar and that they can even implement Islamic laws in Perak if they want to. Yes, Umno Perak agreed that Perak becomes an Islamic State as long as Umno is part of the state government. PAS Perak, however, rejected the idea and instead chose to team up with DAP and PKR, even if they can’t turn Perak into an Islamic State. Umno Selangor tried the same thing with PKR Selangor and, again, PKR rejected Umno’s proposal to form a state government.

Then, Umno tried to buy over some DAP, PAS and PKR State Assemblymen in both Perak and Selangor. The offer started at RM2 million and went as high as RM10 million for the State EXCO Members. Still Umno failed to entice anyone to cross over. Umno now knows it would be futile to work on the individuals so they started working on the party. If they can’t persuade the State Assemblymen to cross over then maybe they could convince one of the opposition parties to leave Pakatan Rakyat and join Barisan Nasional. DAP and PKR would be non-starters. The only viable party would be PAS. So Umno sat down and started talking to PAS about Malay unity.... selanjutnya.


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