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Jul 24, 2008

Najib’s nightmare isnt over yet...............

aldittan | A photograph showing Anwar's accuser posing in the DPM's office with an advisor, link Najib to Anwar's new sodomy allegation. Najib initially denied having ever met the young man, then changed his story, but he denies being behind the allegations.

Though,Najib might deny any involvement but the motive is still there as both Najib and Anwar are rivals to become the country's next PM. Dr Wan Azizah,the opposition leader said, "Najib's closet is full of skeletons, and to divert attention he had to get something on Anwar, because everything is moving too fast and Anwar is gaining too much ground,"

Pat Lah, has promised to handover to him by June 2010. Whether such promise will materialize is another issue. Political pundits thinks that the handover period is a bit too long and not in favour of Najib. Pat Lah might find ways to consolidate his hold to power and along the way might even 'push Najib out 'in favour of another candidate of his liking,and continue to be PM until the next general election.... selanjutnya.


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