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Jul 22, 2008

Kempen menutup akaun friendster si saiful bukhari

Ringgittune | I shocked again, this Saiful Bukhary did dishonor thing again.. i look on my friendster, then i saw the update in his friendster account, owh he updated 8 picture to the public, the rest is still in private..maybe that sinn2 one... he put there.. Janna u should check.. perhaps there are no "people like us" there... nice pic, her mother, her grave and mecca.. very nice saiful, but then, why you did this disrespect behaviour..

ok..please take a look on the pic below.. this is in saiful bukhari profile, he write on anwar pic.. as "Si Munafik", owwhhh... memang sengaja mencari masalah... kenapa dia tak reti diam sahaja, kalau berani buka gelanggang, ajak anwar berdebat ke, bukannya menulis di friendster seolah penakut seperti pondan yang pernah diliwat..

I'm not a big fan of anwar, although I'm a part of AIC.. but please consider to anwar, wife.. anwar, daughter.. are you happy to behave like this.. where your respect..?? In the previous message, you ask me, to show a tauladan, show a sopan santun.. so.. where is ur tauladan.. for next generation..with this action... you really show u are so stupi*, saiful.. no wonder you offer your body to get Malaysian attention as "sodomization victim".. u famous now. huh.. good..!!... selanjutnya.


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