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Jul 22, 2008

DNA & Police Report

balajoe27 | .... Conspiracies aside, the police may have their own valid reasons for fresh DNA but until they give Anwar the actual police report of the accusations, there is little creditability in their request.

As what Anwar’s lawyer said, to give police report is an “elementary natural justice” that an accused “should have sight of the accusation, before being called upon to explain anything”.

Sivarasa quoted in Malaysiakini, as saying:-

The First Information Report - a complaint lodged with the police by an alleged victim of a crime - is a public document and should be made available to all persons affected by the report.

“To continue to expect the target of a criminal investigation to answer questions, supply information, and provide evidence in total ignorance of the circumstances of the offence alleged against him, is eerily reminiscent of an episode where a prisoner was blindfolded and handcuffed, and therefore totally unable to defend himself in any way and was then viciously attacked by the police themselves.”

When Pak Lah asks why Anwar is afraid of giving fresh DNA sample, I believe that the same can be asked of the police – what is it that the police are afraid of giving the police report to Anwar? Most of the facts have already brought to the open and been publically discussed anyway.
No wonder Anwar is suspicious of the request for fresh DNA. Who wouldn’t?... selanjutnya.


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