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Jul 6, 2008

The Paradox of Balasubramanian Perumal

ktemoc | ... I recall that when Bala made that initial Stat Dec, he was challenged on why he had signed the police statement about the Altantuyaa murder but which did not contain details that implicate Najib, yet had since come out with such a earth-shaking revelation about the DPM (in the initial Stat Dec, though admittedly in hearsay fashion).

Bala confessed that he had signed the police statement under duress.

In the Malaysiakini report he said he had give the Najib information to the police when they took his statement but was surprised that all mention of Najib were eventually removed from the police statement. Under duress, he reluctantly signed that statement.

Balasubramaniam explained he was held in the police lock-up twice during the investigation into the murder - the first time for five days, the second, seven days.

He lamented: “If you have experience in the cell, you will definitely sign the statement. I wanted to go out, I have three children.”

Surely all of us can sympathise with that – I wouldn’t dare dream of boasting of being a brave hero, more so for a man like Bala who has responsibility towards a family comprising 3 children.

But then …

Indeed, but then … he subsequently and bravely came up with that Stat Dec damning Najib.

Noticeable at the press conference in the prominent seat was of course Anwar Ibrahim, nemesis of Najib.... selanjutnya.


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