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Jul 23, 2008

Shah Alam Court is PROTECTING NAJIB...

vincentmklee | Najib and his wife are both suspects and witness. How can the court dismissed the application for them not to testify as witness? Is this a COVER UP by Najib and the COURT? We always see double standards, when any BN members is a suspect nothing is done to them but when it comes to the Pakatan Rakyat the police, special force, federal reserved and almost everyone jump on them.


It's the same as the debate with Anwar, Najib and Abdulah DARE NOT COME FACE TO FACE because they can't answer to the public. They have to hide behind camera, they have to set people up. Watch prison break and you see how a government can be corrupted, Malaysia Government is no difference.

Asked any citizens and you will get the same reply, that they have lost confidence with BN especially UMNO.

Leaders or no leaders, they have to be treated the same as normal Malaysians. Najib is not just a witness, HE IS A SUSPECT! Najib should be arrested and detained as well until the case is solved. He should be strip from his position because of this case, he has brought disgrace to Malaysia.... selanjutnya.


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