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Jul 23, 2008

This is not 1998 - Anwar

malaysianinsider | It began when a reporter asked the PKR adviser to comment on his allegations that doctors had been harassed to change their report on him and his former aide 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who had accused him sodomy.

My comment on that will be to ask the police to carry out, not under Musa Hassan (the Inspector-General of Police), investigations professionally," Anwar replied calmly.

"If I find evidence of tampering, I will put up a major fight. I have reasons to believe it can happen. From what happened in the past... they are still in office," he continued, before bursting into a tirade against police intimidation and harassment, particularly against the IGP, whom Anwar had accused of tampering with evidence in his 1998 trial.
Anwar was arrested by the police last week and asked to undergo a medical examination to assist in investigations into allegations of sodomy by his former aide. He was also asked to give a blood sample for DNA comparison which he emphatically refused.

"Remember the case of Sukma Dermawan? He spent six months in jail. I spent six years! There was evidence by the foreign doctors of tampering with evidence. They found no penetration, but we were still jailed."

Sukma is Anwar's adopted brother who was accused of committing sodomy with the former deputy prime minister in 1999.... selanjutnya.


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