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Jul 25, 2008

'This Mercedes nonsense has to stop'

malaysiakini | Dato Dr S Vijayaratnam: It is quite unnecessary, not only extravagant, for the Terengganu government to purchase brand new Mercedes cars for its exco members. It smacks of power abuse.

From personal experience, the Proton V6, if serviced regularly and driven carefully, is not expensive to maintain.

Mercedes, on the other hand, incurs much more costs. It is a lame excuse for indulgence in luxury. People have not voted you in to arrive in style on taxpayers money.

This is the kind of arrogance that cost the BN dearly in the last election. If Protons are good enough for the PM and ministers, they should be more than adequate for the Terengganu exco.

This sort of nonsense has to stop. (The writer is Gerakan vice-president).

Angry Citizen: Do you not fume when the Terengganu MB announced the purchase of Mercedes Benzes as official cars? I am even more infuriated today looking at a picture in the newspapers of a Terengganu official stepping out of his Mercedes Benz.

I am again reminded of why we voted against the BN government on March 8 and have resolved even more that they must not continue in government.... selanjutnya.


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