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Jan 1, 2008

Abolish ISA

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My speech at DAP Johor’s Forum on “Indian Malaysians’ Future: Where do we go from here?” on 3Oth December 2007 at Johor Spastic Center Hall, Jalan Dato’ Menteri Dalam, Johor Bahru.

What Hindraf did was an eye opener where Malaysians resort to non-violent method in airing their views. Problems faced by Hindus are not only an “Indian problems”, they are problems of all Malaysians. It is not only Indian Malaysians’ future that we are concerned about and we care for all Malaysians.

Our Constitution has been amended more than 40 times since Independence. It has failed to protect our basic political rights to assemble peacefully and speak out without fear of arbitrary detention without trial.

ISA (Internal Security Act) has been implemented since the 1960s. The law of same name and nature had been imposed by South African Apartheid Government between 1948 before its repeal until 1990. If South African Apartheid Government could repeal and finally abolish the ISA, why can’t the Barisan Naisonal Government do the likewise?

Many have said Malaysia is not China nor India, which, I think, is true. Nonetheless, Malaysia is neither Indonesia, Pakistan nor Saudi Arabia. We have to solve our problems by viewing ourselves as none but Malaysians. We are all sons of Malaysia and should strive for equal rights for all underprivileged Malaysians regardless of race, religion and origin.


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