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Jan 1, 2008

Samy Vellu’s failures glaring, demand for open debate


Of late we are getting invitations to speak in Temples all over the country which was the exclusive enclave of MIC leaders. To day Sdr.A.Sivanesan and I were the speakers at the Mariman Temple, Chemor

Total public donations was 879.35 and the organizers would deposit it in the Trust fund managed by the DAP which is at Maybank a/c514178145866. On 30th December 07 we announced the total amount collected since the launched of the trust fund on 20th December07 which totalled 27k
As minister and MIC leader for 29 years Samy Vellu has failed to uplift the Indian community and speak up for its rights despite enjoying government power and assess to resources. I challenge him to a debate to settle the issue. He has unashamedly lied to the Indian community knowing how deep is their poverty, marginalization and discrimination by the Umno-led Barisan National government.

He has failed miserably in all capacities. Samy has never and will never have the guts or ability to restore Indian Malaysians’ dignity, fundamental human rights and civil liberties within the context of the Federal Constitution. |more...|


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