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Jan 1, 2008


Benazir Bhutto casual wear

(.....) I am a defined person with a defined life who had the rare opportunity to serve Benazir Bhutto while I was living in Dubai. I had seen her from close quarters and was deeply impressed by her. She knows me, her secretary Naheed Khan knows me (She’s the one who introduced me to Benazir).

Second I know that it is much easier to hit a big billboard sign, the same goes for public figures. I also know that a libel case cold be easily brought upon the person who knowingly does so. I am willing to face any court of law in any place at any time if some one, any one believes that I am a sham. So I want to set the record straight by categorically stating that I have never had any malicious attention towards Benazir Bhutto, she herself could vouch for that. Her secretary Naheed Khan even entrusted me with getting her and her husband’s (Mr. Safdar) official documents processed.

Matter of fact is that I had shown her these “casual photos” in 2005 before posting them. She had laughed and brushed them aside. I spoke with her in early 2006 mentioning that her “photos” were getting really popular. We even had a joke about it. She had no objection to those “photos” being posted.

As to the other part of the queries about the origin of these photos, Benazir did not tell me when I asked her about the time and occasion. She was always in a hurry. Her masseur George answered my questions five months back. That was before my accident so I was not able to update then. George had taken this photo and some others at a private party in late 2000. So this photo is not from her birthday but a couple of months after that.

I don’t believe that these photos are in anyway unflattering towards Benazir Bhutto. My original motivation had been to share with the world the beautiful side of her. Unfortunately, it seems that some people out there have a different view about this.

I had planned to post some of the photos that George gave me, and the ones that I had taken myself during Benazir’s trip to the Al Qasr resort. That was cut short due to my slip on the mountains. When I came out of the hospital I found that the world had changed for the worse. Benazir had left Dubai. She had gone back to Pakistan. Someone tried to assassinate her. She is now fighting a ruthless dictator, she is fighting for liberalism, freedom and democracy. What a brave woman she is.

I wanted to clarify the facts. Additionally, I have decided to postpone posting her other photos from George and the Al-Qasr visit, since it seems that people would again easily accuse me of being partisan.

It would be better when the political dust settles in Pakistan and I could speak with Benazir Bhutto again that I would continue sharing the beautiful side of this very special woman. |more...|


Anonymous said...

She is the late Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. Such a beautiful and sexy woman. Ahhh what a loss.

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