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Jan 1, 2008

Of sex and politics......

via taipingcoffee

Happy New Year 2008 ! On the first day of 2008, Malaysians are greeted with the admission by Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, that, he is the ONE featured in the SEX DVDs circulating in Johore. He said the woman in the sex DVD is his "PERSONAL FRIEND".

Chua is the Minister Of Health in Malaysia.

Chua once said in a speech that ".....As you are aware, Vision 2020 calls for the establishment of a fully moral and ethical society whose citizens are strong in religious and spiritual values......" I guess, it is now okay for all of us to have sex with "Personal Friend", because this is not part of the values of fully moral and ethical society, and it has nothing to do with strong religious and spiritual values.

Chua also said he will not resign over the sex DVD scandal, and leave it to Barisan Nasional's president, Abdullah Badawi to decide his fate. Dear Prime Minister, he said his BALLS are now in your court ! So, what are you going to do about it ? Kick it, squeeze it, or caress it ? Maybe create another portfolio and made him the Minister Of Sex ?

How can those idiots be so insensitive to secretly tapping Chua and his "Personal Friend" making love in a hotel room ? Luckily our Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is officially over yesterday. Otherwise, I don't think any foreign tourists would dare to visit Malaysia or stay in our hotels. For those people planning to visit Malaysia or staying in Malaysia hotels, words of advise, BE Very Careful During Your Stay in MALAYSIA !

Niahmah, sometimes, I do wonder how high is our "high moral ground". 99,999 feet below sea level ? Kanlinlowboooooo.... who am I to say what is morally right or wrong ? After all, aren't we a righteous nation of a fully mora


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