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Jan 6, 2008

Anti-ISA vigil proceeds at Dataran Merdeka


About 200 people tonight participated in a candlelight vigil to protest against the draconian Internal Security Act at Dataran Merdeka despite a police ban against the gathering.

The crowd started gathering in the vicinity of the historic padang at about 8.15pm regardless of the presence of an equal number of police personnel.

The organisers of the vigil - the Abolish the ISA Movement (GMI) - then had successfully negotiated with the police to allow them to complete their peaceful vigil before dispersing.

After a short waiting game, just as the police threatened to move in against the peaceful protesters, the crowd agreed to disperse on their own.

In all, they managed to overcome a police ban to mark their candlelight protest for about 20 minutes. No arrests have been reported.

A section of the crowd however has decided to loiter a few metres away from Dataran Merdeka and are now being threatened with water cannon by the police.

Polis Suraikan Peserta Perhimpunan Haram Mansuh ISA (Bullshit news)


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