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Jan 6, 2008

Pakistan is worlds most dangerous place

Pakistan is worlds most dangerous place reports Economist
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A leading British journal has claimed and described Paskistan as the worlds most dangerous place. They claim two things that could still help arrest its slide into anarchy- a credible investigation into Benazir Bhutto’s murder and a fair election; but both seem improbable.

The Economist noted the fact that Pakistan is unsafe to live and dangerous.

‘It is time to impress upon him (Musharraf) and the generals still propping him up that democracy is not the alternative to stability, it is Pakistan’s only hope,’ The Economist stressed.

‘Sadly, there seemed little hope that the security forces will abandon the habit of a lifetime and allow truly fair elections,’ it said, adding ‘The delay in the voting, opposed by both main opposition parties, has been seen as part of its plan to rig the results. The violence that has scarred the country since Bhutto’s assassination may intensify’.

The journal observed that the ‘army may be tempted to impose another state of emergency, or it may cling on to ensure that the election produces the result it wants - a weak and pliable coalition of the Pakistan People’s Party and Musharraf’s loyalists’.

Well whats more scaring is, the year 2007, which ended with the assassination of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto, saw over 3,400 people falling victims to terror attacks and political violence across the country.

According to a report prepared by the private think tank Pak Institute for Peace Studies, a total of 1,442 terrorist attacks, incidents of political violence and border clashes that occurred in 2007 left 3,448 people dead and 5,353 injured.

Pakistan witnessed 60 suicide attacks in 2007, most of them aimed at the security forces. A total of 770 people were killed and 1,574 injured in these attacks, the report said.


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