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Jan 6, 2008



I expected it, and hoping that Badawi & MCA will confirm. Finally, in the Malaysia's Minsters' Cabinet, there are what we called "menu' or 'choy tan". certain ministership positions are reserved for certain race! Yes, only Malay can fill this position, that position; so forth, Chinese and Indian. No wonder, disaster repeats itself; yet things don't improve and the minister gets scott-free. Look at Chan Kok Choy, Samy Vellu, Najib, Azalina, Rafidah, Hishamuddin, Ong Kah Ting etc and almost the whole cabinet. When one is caught with wrong-doing, it is OK, and replace by same race or from same party. These is why the big fish getting richer in 1 place. Why not the Health Minister assumed by UMNO, JKR position by Chinese, Transport by MIC?

Forget about a second DPM to be filled by Chinese or highly identifed Ong Kah Ting. We don't want that. It will create more problem to the already non-peaceful nation. Badawi should stop all these craps ministerships by race; and do a clean-up of his corrupted cabinet. Where is the pledge made 4 years ago???

Kicks out Chan, Hishamuddin, Samy, Rafidah, Zam aka English Clown, Shafie, Nazir, Syed Akbar and Khairy, then economy will be alive again and nation will be more peaceful.

Note: I have less than 3 minutes to write this nonsense article without much details. Evidence is there.


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