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Jan 27, 2008



(...) 3.15pm LOCKED IN.
At 3.10pm the Putra Line pulled into the KLCC. I went thru the tunnel to exit Jalan Ampang. All automatic doors were locked-down except for a small door that was guarded by a lone cop. I asked to move in. “Pergi mana encik”?…”girlfriend tunggu bus-stop,” I fibbed. He let me thru but still we were not allowed onto Jalan Ampang. Locked in again, I asked a security personnel what was happening. His reply: those stupid people demonstrating. I zapped him: Those people are fighting for you too….so you are stupid and a coward. He walked away timidly….yes I was ready for a fight. I hate stupid people like this worm who let others fight their battle.

There must be a way out. A corner outlet had an exit to the front of Avenue. I smiled at a sales personnel and signalled exit. She pointed to her left and that is how I got out.

3.40pm outside Avenue
Media people were clicking away at somebody who was sitting on the Avenue entrance steps. I asked Eli Wong and she said that a cop elbowed the Indian lady and she passed out. Iskandar confirmed this. A paramedic stretcher was made available but the lady and her companion refused to use it. I later asked an Indian what the lady said….loose translation: “Bring me down and offer me government stretcher. I don’t need government help.” Spot on, I say.

3.50pm at Avenue Bus Stop:
A journalist (I was told) Chow was bundled into the police truck because he was wearing a Bersih T-shirt. I was talking to Terrence Tan and I had noticed Chow sitting with his lady companion at the bus-stop. Whilst Chow demanded to know why he had to get into the truck, an elderly malay couple was forced up through the back of the truck. I gave her the V sign and she returned same to me. I then gave her the two thumbs up greeting.

4.40PM: outside SuriaKLCC:
The crowd had thinned but the police presence were conspicuously thick. The heli still circled above us. Chances are they think they can spot Nini’s abductors from up there. Burning fuel at our expense. Shouldn’t the few hundred cops be searching for Nini and how many weeks has she been missing. Nah, protesters are easier catch……child abductors are too much trouble. A catch a day keeps the protesters away…..nah, not Malaysian protesters.

Besides the police some twenty Rela men and women were sitting under a tree on the Jalan Ampang road divider, like on a picnic. One particular old guy in shades was moving his head from right to left and from left to right. He was leering at the ladies who came out of SuriaKLCC. One other old guy Tan looked

lost. I could take these two guys down anytime, even if they wore combat boots. But I would not want to meddle with two lady Rela…..their body language give me the butch red-alert. There was nothing ladylike about them. Where did these species come from and how were they recruited? Anyone has the answer?

5.00pm at entrance of SuriaKLCC.
Photographers rushed towards the entrance. The police were surrounding Iskandar and Nooraza Othman. Nooraza was taken in by the police during the Human Rights Walk on 25/10. They were escorted into a waiting truck. I shouted encouragement to Iskandar (Black) and blew Nooraza a kiss and a two thumbs up sign. She did likewise. Another unidentified Malay man with Black threw down some leaflet at us (v below). More...


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