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Jan 26, 2008

The Hiding begins

Hearings in camera so that only relevant testimony is allowed

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Datuk V.K. Lingam video clip will not be “that open anymore” to prevent baseless and wild allegations from making way into the news.

“It’s not going to be that open anymore, like previously. It’s not nice for the news to come out first and then only it is (evidence) decided whether it is relevant to the terms of reference of the inquiry,” commission secretary Datuk Abdullah Sani Ab Hamid said.

“The commission must determine first the questions to be asked so that unrelated matters are not brought up.”

The commission wanted to make sure that allegations that had nothing to do with the video clip would not be included as evidence, he said after the panel heard submissions behind closed-door proceedings yesterday. More...


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