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Jan 26, 2008

Malaysia Boleh, maybe not....

via dkm2350.blogspot

Open the papers these few days and I challenge you not to get sick and bored about the things some of our politicians are capable of. No really, first Hindraf, then this Lingam fella. What were they thinking when they are committing stupid acts after stupid acts. But lets just focus on the latter. Recently in the papers He stated that the person in the video "looks like him, sounds like him", come on, a 5 year old can recognize him just by watching the video. Surely he does not have an evil twin brother, that looks like him and sounds like him? then just today in the papers "i was just bragging to whoever is on the phone..." Sure........

But anyway, the whole point of this rant is about Malaysia and our mentality. When something wrong happens and somehow they are involved and in deep shit, then the roller coaster of lame excuses and lame ways to get they and themselves out of the problems they created in the first place starts. They start blaming everybody but themselves and they will instruct an army of people just to investigate what went wrong. Thats why, when our Health Minister, sorry now ex Health Minister resigned from his post due to his so called sex scandal, I have immense respect for him. What he did was wrong i should clarify myself, but to actually admit what he did takes courage. For him to do that makes me proud to be a Malaysian, that someone in the higher echelons has the courage, dignity and responsibility to admit his mistakes and resigned after encountering heavy resistance by some people who are 'moral' and have forgotten all the things he have done while holding his post. and again R.E.S.P.E.C.T to him.

Other problems with our mentality includes our weird obsession with petty things that are happening around us but we just decide to ignore the more important stuff. For example we agonize about our so called moral decline while we have mat rempits/minah terrorizing the roads. We moan and groan about a popular pop star taking off his shirt (its called stripping here...) and wasting time pondering about what should they do to (punish) him. It has come to this stage I that when a meteor is going to hit Malaysia, we still can ponder bout our morals...

So maybe, maybe this mentality is instilled into us by schools in the first place. This is a real event where a friend of mine, a student of Munshi Abdullah decided to delete his blog because of the "controversial" content he had in it. http://heavensdeed.blogspot.com/ Its not controversial, Hes just a student just voicing out his opinion about his school, yes there were harsh words and stuff. Who dosent get mad at some things at times? All of us do. And its not all negative about the school. He did shower praises/love to his teacher due to their dedication and teaching abilities. But no, with typical Malaysian grace, they had a disiplinary board meeting discussing about the blog and what they should do to protect the "schools name". If the school name is so perfect why bother? its just a lame excuse used because they cannot take criticism. Why can't they improve after the blog? I am sure some people have the same feeling, but does not mean if they do not blog they have nothing to say. Blogs never caused harm, politics do.


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