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Jan 30, 2008

Keystone Cops galore


The first document is a charge sheet against the one-time Director of the Commercial Crime Division, Ramli Yusuff. The charge sheet is dated 14 January 2008. According to this charge sheet, Ramli was alleged to have purchased 20,000 Telekom Malaysia shares without declaring them. The asset declaration, according to the charge sheet, was made on 17 September 2007.

This means, in short, on 17 September 2007, Ramli declared his assets but did not declare the 20,000 Telekom Malaysia shares as being part of his assets. But then, if you look at the next document (BURSA MALAYSIA DEPOSITORY: Statement of accounts for the period 9 January 2007 to 18 September 2007), you will see that the 20,000 Telekom Malaysia shares were purchased on 18 September 2007.

So, if the asset declaration by Ramli was made on 17 September 2007, how could he have declared shares he bought the following day, on 18 September 2007, when he had not bought them yet? He was being asked to declare assets he owned and not assets he suspects he might own in future.

Interesting is it not? And if this is the quality of Malaysia's prosecution team and the stupidity they display, then I would like to apply for the job of Attorney-General because I am absolutely, 100% confident I am smarter and would certainly not make blunders such as these. more...


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