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Jan 30, 2008


Malaysia: Dr M: Pak Lah Should Give His Post Najib

PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should follow the "gentlemen's agreement" between them, that Pak Lah should only be the Prime Minister for a term".

He said Abdullah was older than Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, therefore Abdullah should give away his position as prime minister to Najib.

"However, I have difficulty to prove this agreement," Mahathir told at a press conference after launching the book of "Doctor Mahathir's selected letters to world leaders".

When asked whether he intended to be a candidate in the coming election, Mahathir said :"I want, but I can not."

Commenting on Abdullah was not able to control the cabinet, Mahathir said when a group of people working together, we should know how to control them.

"Everyone has different opinions and dissatisfactions, if you can handle well, they will be united together. If there are weaknesses, people will have loopholes to exploit." (By LEE MENG FUN/ Sin Chew Daily)


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