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Jan 9, 2008

Mad at YB Mad - Enough is enough

via wengsan.blogspot.com

|...| These include green belts, school reserves, irrigation and drainage reserves, road reserves, buffer zones and empty land. The land plots were alleged to have been leased out to his cronies and the latter have re-rented it out to other companies for a higher price.

Malaysiakini will detail the allegations in the second part of this report.

Lavish lifestyle

Thomas said Mad Aris’ lavish lifestyle and his plush bungalow (below) in Taman Ampang Utama do not reflect the income of a state assemblyperson.

"This is a commercial-minded assemblyperson and we don't need him. The party may support him but residents here have no faith in him. He hardly goes to the ground," he added.

Concurring with this, Kampung Pandan Progressive Youth Association Chairperson Isa Mahadi, 37, alleged that Mad Aris did nothing in his four terms to develop Kampung Pandan, a Malay-majority area.

"In the past, Kampung Pandan was a model 'kampung'. But now it has become a 'dark kampung'. There is no more an NGO presence or activities while the village committees are controlled by local political figures.

"If Mad Aris is not replaced, the people might vote for the opposition instead,” he warned.

Malaysiakini also learnt that the frustration against the state assemblyperson had appeared in the form of banners.

Last July, dozens of anti-Mad Aris banners, written in Malay, were put up all over the Chempaka constituency, but these were removed within a matter of hours. |More...|


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