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Jan 9, 2008

Shocking 13.4% rise In Crime Index in 2007


| ... | The Prime Minister Should Be Even More Worried That The Anti-Crime Remedial Measures To Deal With The Shocking 13.4% Rise In Crime Index In 2007 Are Too Little, Too Late As Well As Not Tough Enough In Fighting Both Crime And Causes Of Crime

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had expressed alarm at the shocking rise in the crime index with serious crimes rising by 13.4 per cent nationwide last year, particularly gang robbery without the use of firearms rising by more than 159 per cent and rape cases up by about 30%. However he should be even more worried at the anti-crime remedial measures proposed that are too little, too late as well as not tough enough in fighting both crime and the causes of crime.

According to the latest crime index released by the police today, the average increase in overall crime in 2007 is 7.1%. But the percentage of increase in selected breakdown of serious crimes for 2007 will frighten ordinary Malaysians, especially women and children:

  • Rape - 3,177 cases (+ 29.5%)
  • Outraging modesty - 2,320 (+ 12.4%)
  • Night-time home break-in - 24,440 (+ 21.7%)
  • Day break-in - 9,159 (+4.2%)
  • Motorcycle theft - 67,854 (+ 3.2%)
  • Car theft - 12,427 (+ 11.4%)
  • Snatch theft - 11,127 (+0.5%)

Abdullah government’s has failed dismally to provide one of the basic functions of good governance which is public safety. With 3,177 rape and 2,320 outraging of modesty cases last year, this means that there are 8.7 rapes and 6.4 women molested daily last year. In other words 15 women are raped and molested a day last year. These are only reported figures and the actual rapes and molest cases could be much more as it is generally known that for every report lodged there are as high as 5 unreported cases. Such frightening figures are unacceptable in a civilized and caring society such as Malaysia. |more...|


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