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Jan 9, 2008

Why vote opposition?


1) Ministers that can’t even do spin properly, e.g. Information Minister

2) Government throwing around accusations which have not been backed up by proof that some anti-government movement is related to some known terrorist group - HINDRAF and Tamil Tigers

3) MP’s who should really think before they utter things. Menstruation and sexist remarks? Check. Challenging a female MP to a fight? Check. Saying to a wheelchair bound MP that he’s been punished by a higher power? Check. Asking to close down former missionary schools because they have depictions of the Virgin Mary? Check. Female MP who thinks it’s okay for men to have extramartial affairs as long they get their wives’ permission? Check. An MP who can’t properly debate but just scream racist over 20 times just to try to scare people out of a debate? Check

4) PAS? What PAS? UMNO’s becoming PAS. UMNO actually shed light on PAS not building any mosques in Kelantan throughout their administration. Perhaps it’s the devotion and not the mosque building that really matters, UMNO. Perhaps being Islamic isn’t the number of mosques you can build. Perhaps PAS isn’t as scary as what the mainstream press catered to the non-Muslim community likes to put up a perception of (hint, they’re mostly owned by the political parties forming the government). What has UMNO done? Declare Malaysia as an Islamic state, while nothing of that sort was mentioned in the Constitution and refuted by 2 ex-Prime Ministers, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn.

5) Mismanagement throughout the last 5 years. 600-700 million pounds down the drain due to the Port Klang Free Zone scandal would’ve been enough to topple a government here in the UK. Nope, hushed tones in Malaysia.

6) The continued practice of clamping down on free speech and broadcasting propaganda that everything’s going on well.

7) Because you’re sick of seeing public funds being wasted on self congratulatory posters of them being put up everywhere. Sick of them telling you that voting opposition is akin to sending your country to civil war. Sick of them saying “we united the races” at one moment and then playing up the racial tensions in order to get more votes. Unity? Bollocks, and you got BN to thank for that. Sick of their doublespeak, and then having the mainstream press ferry only a part of the message to the public to appease both sides and hiding the negative bits. What hard decisions are there, when you can hide all the negative bits and only show the positive bits? That’s BN for you.

8) Having 2 different sets of laws for the public and those in power, e.g. Health Minister broke laws regarding to oral sex, no action’s been taken, people caught with copies of the dvd are sent to prison quickly. I may believe that that law is archaic, but I do think that the BN government still wants those laws in place, and if they do, then they should enforce them. Why the double standards?

9) Because you love Malaysia? Yes, loving your country should lead you down the path to voting Opposition to protect the democracy enshrined in the Constitution that’s being eroded by BN. Isn’t that a good enough reason by itself for you to vote for the Opposition?


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