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Feb 7, 2008

Badawi kills ACA investigation

By Little Bird

Its not just the Melayu who are pelupa but the Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Kadazans and everyone else too. And the opposition parties are the greatest pelupa. We all forget so easily.

Recall just about three weeks ago there was much news about another multimillion Ringgit scandal in the Ministry of Tourism which is headed by the mamak turned Malay royalty, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Some insiders, from a few years ago, had set up a bogus company in Korea which was then used to siphon out money from the Ministry of Tourism through the usual fraudulent means.

When news of the scandal broke, it even became a public spat between Tengku Adnan and Shahrir Samad, the lame duck hypocrite Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. Tengku Adnan wanted his own Ministry to investigate the scandal through an inquiry. That would mean that they could easily cover up the scandal because too many people were involved.

Shahrir said let the ACA investigate the scandal. The ACA did investigate this scandal. And then what? Nothing happened. Insiders say that the case is now closed. The ACA has been instructed to cold-storage the investigation. The story goes that the ACA went to the Ministry of Tourism and confiscated various files. This clearly made Tengku Adnan very nervous. Obviously he was also involved.

But Tengku Adnan called Abdullah Badawi and told Badawi that the ACA had confiscated a lot of files, including files that had much information about the Monsoon Cup in Terengganu. The Monsoon Cup has more skeletons and corruption than a bogus company in Korea. Tengku Adnan warned Badawi that if the ACA started digging too deep, other things involving the Monsoon Cup, would also come up. That would be embarrassing to Badawi.

Fully understanding the can of worms that could be opened, Badawi promptly called up the ACA and asked them to cancel the investigation into the Ministry of Tourism scandal. That is why this issue has died as suddenly as it came up.

So what is the purpose of writing all this, someone asked? Well, can someone bring this up again? Can the DAP or the PAS or PKR quote this specific example and ask Tengku Adnan or the Government to explain? They are definitely not going to explain but at least lets keep reminding them and ourselves that we have not forgotten. Then more people will NOT vote for the BN.

The Monsoon Cup scandal is linked directly to Badawi through Patrick Badawi and Khairy's boy, Wan Farid, who heads the Monsoon Cup committee. They are stealing money by the millions. Since it is a tourism related event, the Ministry of Tourism is also indirectly involved. So do not expect anything useful coming out of the ACA investigation.

Notice how Shahrir Samad, the Chairman of the PAC, has also started playing his real role? Totally quiet.


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