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Feb 28, 2008


Red Alert : BN shaking hands with Israel EyeBlaster.com to poison you!
BN is Using Israel Advertising Services

BN Internet Advert is 'Made in Israel'

Islam Hadhari UMNO politicians are shaking hands with Israel to rule over you!

To put it in another word, Barisan Nasional is doing business with Israel.

BN is using Eyeblaster Rich Media Formats services for internet campaign. The system is claimed to be 'the most robust digital ad-serving and tracking system available. Whether your ad campaign includes video, ...'

This service is probably being offered via Tequila-Myalo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The proof:

The BN advert is being serve from the following URL: http://ds.serving-sys.com/BurstingRes/Site-9288/Type-0/55DCC020-638D-45AA-BB8B-E3D2B8C5E232.gif

The serving domain is owned by Eyeblaster Inc - an Israel Media Company.

No2umnO - The above alert was written at the left top of Newskini. front page. Click and see it for your self. Read it all. It was earlier warned by Suarakeadilan and you guys beware !!!!


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