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Feb 28, 2008

Friday Deadline! (Polling & Counting Agents)


Is this up on Malaysia Today & Malaysiakini? These guys really play dirty! They even tried to bring down PKR websites. Wonder if they would attack PAS & DAP websites next?!

from jelas.info:

Once again from YB Eli, sounds like EC suddenly put a new deadline for PACAs, this Friday!!

It’s a tight race, and they’re trying their darndest to make it hard for us.

All our campaign work goes to naught if on polling day there isn’t anything to stop the counter from declaring every opposition vote a ‘barisan’ vote and putting it into the wrong pile.

That’s where YOU come in :)

We’re working on ways to funnel PACA’s to candidates who need them. Just leave a comment with your e-mail and phone number here for starters!

Be a part of a better Malaysia, bring about the new dawn we need so badly.


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