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Feb 28, 2008

Aziz alone in Shah Alam

Price up.

That are the issues being debated in Shah Alam as the political campaign swept through the nation. I got a chance to talk with a few voters and operatives about how their campaigns progressed.
And I read the coverage, which was fascinating, especially the question of how past campaign tactics may have played into this year's campaign.

And they said maybe the turnout was down among Barisan Nasional voters in Shah Alam. What did that mean? Was it the nasty weather or the nasty tone? That was a question that will probably be asked this weekend.
As I said before most of Shah Alam residents are middle-class Malays, including academics, government officers and pensioners. SHAH ALAM RESIDENTS AND VOTERS WE DEMAND AND 'DESERVE' TO BE GRANTED WITH GENUINE 'FACTS,' NOT TAINTED PROPAGANDA EXTRACTS - WRAPPED IN THE SOILED SHEET OF SHAM RESPECTABILITY!

BN put so many tainted manifesto as propagandas. What are they doing? This is terrible! Nobody wants to hear this propaganda. This is Malaysia. The stupid thing that some BN leader and candidates says is the opposition manifesto does not represent reality and how opposition can manage this country? This is silly statement lah.

I cannot wait to hear what the Shah Alam voters are saying (by vote) about all BN manifestos. I think we all have to be honest - how we react to all this depends so much on who we are, what we care about, how our loyalties and sensitivities shake out. And politics at this level is a matter of strategic guessing about all that.
THE big question now is is the Shah Alam leadership (UMNO and BN) going in a different direction than the grass roots? after Pak Lah reject memorandum by Umno division regading candidates for Shah Alam parlimentary seat? Hard-hitting politics and "dirty tricks" are nothing new in Shah Alam Umno division and BN. Remember how Solomon topple Abu Sujak Mahmud.

Last few days, the demonstration, it was learnt, was set by Salamon’s supporters who wanted him to replace Abdul Aziz to contest the parliamentary seat. Salamon, who is Shah Alam Barisan Nasional chairman and former Shah Alam Mayor, is the incumbent Batu Tiga State assemblyman.

And now Aziz Shamsuddin is in dilemma. Do Shah Alam Umno division support him in his campaign? Aziz, who is re-contesting the seat, said he was no longer hurt by the division's calls for a local candidate to replace him. HE NO LONGER HURT... HOW UMNO DIV HEART? "They will do as what happened to Abu Sujak" said veteran politician. Where is Mat Tyson?

Aziz on the other hand, distanced himself from Shah Alam people. And his campaign posters were torn down.


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