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Mar 3, 2008

Khairy on nepotism


Face facts - this Malaysia Elections 2008 is full of nothing but cries of nepotism.

The BN are fielding children and in-laws of BN party component leaders. The DAP and PKR are fielding children of opposition leaders.

I don't see why Khairy should be so riled up about it. After all, he's endured the past 5 years being known as THE SON IN LAW. However, I see it this way.

The BN has no reason to field children or family of previous candidates. They have a large pool of capable members to draw from. By practising nepotism and fielding children and family they are cutting off the opportunities of other members and would be leaders. How can you identify a potential leader if they are forever in the shadow of their leaders' children?

On the other hand, the opposition has a far smaller pool of talent to draw from. The children of opposition leaders have watched their parents struggle in the opposition, sometimes even going to jail or taken away under the ISA. It isn't easy being in the opposition and the children of opposition leaders know it.

All that said, face facts. Nepotism is alive and practiced everywhere in every country and at every level. If you can't surround yourself with family members to help you out in times of need, then when can you do so?

So, Khairy should just stop barking and pointing fingers at others. Face the fact. YOU ARE THE SON IN LAW. Accept the brickbats that come with it. If he wanted to take offence at this fact of being a son in law, he should just step away from politics. After all, I'm sure he knew what he was in for, when he married Nori Abdullah. He had a choice - step away from politics or get involved and have every move criticized. He chose the latter route and should live with it and just shut up and stop whining.

I think the PM, by allowing his family member (a son in law at that!) to take such an active role in politics is taking the wrong move. We all know he's going to be the next UMNO Youth chief and who knows may even hold a cabinet position. That I believe will be taking things too far.

A wiser PM would refrain from taking this course of action. It will only anger the people further.


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