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Apr 7, 2008

85 MCA councillors to resign

Star - IPOH: MCA has received the resignation letters of all of its 95 local councillors throughout Perak, said party secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan.

Ong, who is also Housing and Local Government minister, said the resignations were effective immediately in light of the setting up of the new DAP-PKR-PAS coalition government.

"We directed them to resign because the principle we have with Barisan Nasional is that we cannot serve under another coalition.

"Therefore, we should give way so that (the new government) can take over," he told reporters during the swearing-in ceremony of the Perak Bonsai and Suiseki Association committee members here on Sunday night.

However, Ong stressed that the party would put in place a mechanism that would allow the MCA members to continue serving the community.

"This can be done through our MCA branches, resident associations and other non-governmental organisations not under the state," he said. more...


Anonymous said...

The cock is talking cock.

Coward....kiasu, i wonder how the MCA guys can tolerate this ind of nonsense in the party. That too, running as a minister now.

He should see and ask himself in the mirror, why he is now at the ministerial post...!

MCA reform? no need lahhhh...., just quit all and just PR better, instead of parasiting the AMNO.

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