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Apr 15, 2008

Big crowd welcomes Anwar's return to electoral politics

THE ROAD TO PARLIAMENT: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim addressing a big crowd
of adoring supporters who help celebrate the expiry of his five-year ban against contesting
elections at the Suleiman Club in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur tonight before a contingent of Press
photographers and TV news cameras.

NST - (...) When Anwar arrived at 8.50pm, there were shouts of reformasi but no untoward incidents.

Police, including the Federal Reserve Unit and Light Strike Force patrolled the area but people were allowed to move about freely. There was also a large foreign media presence, including television crew.

Anwar, the PKR adviser, was banned from contesting any elections for five years after his release from jail following his conviction of corruption and abuse of power charges.

Tonight at midnight, the ban expired, allowing Anwar to be active in electoral politics. During the last general election he went around the country giving ceramah for his party's candidates as well as those from Pas and DAP.

However, about 30 minutes after Anwar spoke to the crowd, a dozen policemen went on stage to stop Anwar on grounds that he was addressing the rally, which had no police permit.

"The police chief has asked us to stop so we are stopping, but remain peaceful, because soon we will be running this country," Anwar told the crowd, who jeered police as the event was stopped. more...

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