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Apr 15, 2008

List of Umno members guilty of sabotage

A list of Umno members who committed acts of sabotage against the BN before and during the recent general election.

1. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - for arrested and accused Hindraf Leaders with said that there are link with terrorist.

2. Hishammuddin Hussein - for his infamous acts of being ‘Hang Tuah’ and saying that he does not care what the other communities think of it.

3. Khairy Jamaluddin - for saying that the Indians were to be blamed for Umno members not being able to read the Umno president’s address in the newspapers.

4. Badruddin Amiruldin - for saying, ‘Kalau tak suka, KELUAR’.

5. Mohd Said Yusof - for asking law enforcement agencies to ‘tutup satu mata’.

6. The late Zakaria Md Deros - for the vast abuse of powers as reported in the media.

7. Ali Rustam - for saying that ‘Umno does not need the other races to govern Malaysia’.

8. Khir Toyo - for his insensitivity during the demolishment of Hindu temples and his infamous ‘Broom Award’.

9. Abdul Halim Samad - for issuing an ‘ultimatum’ to Loh Seng Kok, former MP of Kelana Jaya.

10. Zainuddin Maidin - for all his acts as Information Minister and for advising the BN on the wrong campaign strategy.

11. Various Umno Delegates - for all the racist speeches made during the Umno general assemblies.


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