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Apr 4, 2008

Butterworth WAS in bad hands

(...)Sources revealed that at that time, the original proposal by Bandar Perda's developer- Aseania Development Sdn Bhd to the council was to built a twin tower for MPSP. The estimated costs for the twin tower was RM120 million excluding land cost and office fixture and fittings.
Sources also revealed that the original twin tower proposal has received the “blessing" and endorsement from the "highest authority ministerial level" for the developer to proceed and fast track the project by direct negotiation with the Penang state government. However, the proposal to built the twin tower for MPSP has been scaled down and reduced to one single block at the insistence of ex-CM of Penang.The building cost for the single office block for MPSP is about RM65 Million. The new MPSP headquarters (pic) was completed in 2005 and MPSP started moving in from Butterworth in 2006 and only officially hand over to council in late 2007 due to defective air-cond system.

If the original twin tower MPSP headquarters was being built (see the prospective photo in Aseania's website) ,The council COULD HAVE GONE BANKRUPT by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Land/building cost

The development of the revised single office block for MPSP was awarded to Aseania Development Sdn Bhd, a development company owned by UMNO politicians from Bukit Mertajam through "DIRECT NEGOTIATION". Bandar Perda is a 456 acres privatized housing project by PERDA to Aseania Development Sdn Bhd at land valued less than RM3psf in early 1990's. According to reliable sources, the land costs after taking into account the earth-filling costs of about RM2psf is less than RM5psf. MPSP acquired the land of 10 acres in early 2000's and paid more than RM30psf for the present 10 acre site.Ten times higher than the original acquired land cost. more...


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