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Apr 4, 2008

LOW-COST flat residents may get free water too.

Malaymail - A source within the Selangor State government has assured res idents of low-cost flats, who use bulk meters instead of individual meters, that this matter will be looked into.

“The State government has not forgotten that those staying in low-cost flats are using bulk meters, hence won’t be able to enjoy the free-water scheme be cause it only applies to those who use individual meters. We will look into this matter and they will not be disregarded,” said the source.

He said this issue has been raised and the Selangor State gov ernment is fully aware of the mat ter. But, because there are a num ber of things which need to be straightened out, matters on the conversion of the bulk meters will have to be put on hold for a while.

“Since the implementation of the free-water scheme will take place in June 1, we are trying to settle the main issues first and then we will work on other mat ters,” said the source. more...


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