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Apr 9, 2008

Federal Govt. vs. State Govt.

If it’s not bad enough that Ms. Azalina, the current “Tourism” Minister has terminated all MoUs with the 5 Pakatan Rakyat states (read more about it here), more BN-cronies have decided to show their true colours - the lack of a proper, functioning brain.

From The Star:

All JKKK members in Penang to quit

NIBONG TEBAL: All 4,000 members from the 200 Barisan Nasional-appointed Village Development and Security Committees (JKKK) will quit en bloc and join a new federal-level JKKK.

State Barisan deputy liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Rashid Abdullah said the new committee would report directly to the federal government.

“This new JKKK, which will continue to receive allowances from the federal government, will focus on federal-initiated projects and activities.

“They will not duplicate or overlap the duties carried out by the JKKK members that the new state government plans to appoint,” he told reporters at his residence here yesterday.

Hello. What is this? Double standards?

Since when was there a federal-level JKKK? Why must there be one? Are they insinuating that people the PR appoints are unable to do the job? Some more they get allowances from the federal government? HELLO? WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM!

You see right, you really can see the true colours of BN now lor! Sour grapes. Wah, lose already, so trying their best to salvage the remains of their tattered pride. Please la. The people can see through your petty actions. You think this is earning you Brownie points? No, you’re just preparing for the next tsunami in the 13th GEs!

Ho! Now that I am on a roll (it’s 4.15am and I really should be sleeping) I will continue talking about the tourism thing! More...


Anonymous said...

Where does this Mat Tyson thinks the money comes from? duit mmmmBapak dia from australia?!!? Bloody hell...suka-suka saja mahu bayar gaji redundant....we know he wants to 'show that he can' to all the Pacik JKKK but..WTF...he should force those JKKK to cooperate with the new government laaahh for the sake of whole rakyat malaysialaa apa laaaaa......not for suka-suka,macam budak2, main geng-geng pulak..."Still perplexed with this character's comeback...." - HYDR

rasaBijak said...

salam wak..

just wondering, what if in the near future, the PR takes over the parliament, what will happen to all this federal level JKKK.. ermm..?!? interesting..

Anonymous said...

Apakah kematangan(kononnya) dan cadangan MAT TAIK~SON ini dapat mengeratkan perhubungan antara rakyat..perosak bangsa dan negara. Apa pun, MAT TAIK~SON dah expired and become poison !!!

Anonymous said...

Mat Taik-Son..hmm very catchy....lol..
Kalu bodoh sombong sangat JKKK tu suma jadi RELA sajalah once BR get to govern....

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