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Apr 9, 2008

Please, let Abdullah stay on PM

Dear Umno members,

Please continue to support Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's decision to remain as party president and prime minister. It will be even better if the Umno Supreme Council decides that there should be no contest for the post of president in the forthcoming Umno general assembly.

For people like me who voted for the opposition in the March 8 election, it is important for him to stay. For the opposition parties, it is even more important for him to continue to lead the party and the country for the next four or five years.

You see, if he stays on, I don't have to feel guilty about voting for the opposition again in the next election. And for the opposition parties, they don't have to worry about losing. With Abdullah still leading BN, I am sure the opposition will easily win all the remaining BN seats. In fact, it will be a walk in the park. more...

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