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Apr 9, 2008

RAJA NAZRIN: Time right to review judicial appointments system

The Regent of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, smiles as he listens to the animated view espoused by Chief Justice Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad after the opening of the three-day Judges Conference 2008 in Putrajaya.

NST - Raja Dr Nazrin Shah said the time was right to review the way judicial appointments and promotions were made.
The Regent of Perak said the many calls for a more transparent mechanism, one that was in line with other developed countries, should be given serious attention.

Addressing a conference of Malaysian judges here today, he noted that there was merit in the suggestion for the establishment of a judicial commission to make recommendations to the prime minister, who in turn, consults the Conference of Rulers.

"I am happy to note that in recent years, there has been a greater willingness on the part of the prime minister to consult the Conference of Rulers in a meaningful way.

"This is very much in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution and, I believe, leads to the building up of further confidence in the judiciary," he said.
Raja Nazrin said the present climate provided an excellent opportunity to press on with the needed changes, and the first step to be taken was to ensure that power was once again vested on the judiciary. more...


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