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Apr 9, 2008

Sabah's cop refused to receive reports?

Star - A probe is underway following allegations that police personnel in a Sabah east coast district refused to receive reports that a company had "seized" nearly 800ha of oil palm plantations from small holders.

State Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said he had asked for reports on the matter from officers at the Kunak police station.

"We want to get to the bottom of this. Anyone should be allowed to lodge a report. They should not be stopped from doing so," he said following news reports quoting an affected smallholder that Kunak police did not "entertain" their bid to lodge reports against certain individuals.

Noor Rashid said those who could not lodge the reports should personally contact him.

He said police would also look into allegations that the company had hired about 100 foreigners armed with samurai swords and attack dogs to drive away the small holders who had been cultivating the land now worth some RM40mil. More...


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