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Apr 14, 2008

Piggy Issue

leehoongmun - At last there is a MCA member, Datuk Lee Chong Meng willing or dare to speak the truth against their long time political allies UMNO on the recent pig issue in Selangor. The last time MCA member speak against UMNO was when Deputy Higher Education Ong Tee Keat alleged that officials had misused funds meant for Chinese schools’ refurbishment but Minister Hishamuddin blew his top and Ong was reprimanded by the cabinet. Is this what the BN called power sharing? I don't think so. Is the pig farm really an issue to the Malays? Even the PAS willing to tolerate on this issue to create a win-win situation among the peoples of Malaysia. But some politician trying to stir the pig issue to create tension among the Malay-Non Malay.
Let see whether any disciplinary action will be taken against him for speaking the TRUTH.


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