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May 8, 2008

Danger of defections is real - che det

I, at first, wanted to dismiss this possibility, but on studying the situation I feel there is great danger,” he said, adding that members lacked inherent loyalty to the party and are only interested in personal gains.

Dr Mahathir said people in Sabah were used to being under Opposition rule while state Barisan leaders like Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan had great support when he was in the Opposition.

“So, can you say they will stay loyal to Umno, I don’t think so. Even here in the peninsula, I see quite a number of the people who will crossover when there is something to gain.

“If this Government loses its power, it is no longer the Government, and it will not be in a position to dole out all kinds of cookies; the clout is gone,” he told reporters after presenting the keynote address on National Sovereignty during the Perdana Leadership Foundation’s Discourse Series yesterday.

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