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May 8, 2008

'What makes you think I don't have proof?'

NST - (...) Defiant as ever, Raja Petra challenged the government to repeal the Official Secrets Act (OSA) so that he could reveal what he claimed was evidence against his charge of sedition.

"What makes you think I don't have proof? What makes you think I don't have documents?
"If I do submit the proof behind my writing, they will arrest me under the OSA. You think I'm stupid?" he asked the assembled journalists.

Declaring war on the government, Raja Petra said the government should be afraid of bloggers.

Clad in a yellow shirt and blue jeans, the Internet-based political commentator said he was not informed of the charge against him until the last minute.

When it was suggested that it seemed as if he was courting prosecution by his repeated run-ins with the law, he replied that he did not want to be charged but had been expecting it.
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