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May 8, 2008

Semanggol NS camp under quarantine

thestar - [...] With the quarantine, it is learnt that all the trainees, who were supposed to return home for their weeklong break from yesterday to May 14, have to remain in the camp pending the outcome of the result of their blood tests.

A parent of one of the trainees tipped reporters here about the quarantine after his son, who was supposed to be at a bus terminal yesterday morning to return home, failed to turn up.

When he went to the camp, named Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni Semanggol, Thursday, he was barred from entering and was told by a staff member that the camp was under quarantine.

State Health, Environment and Human Resources Committee chairman A. Sivanesan confirmed that the NS camp had been placed under quarantine for the past few days.
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