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May 8, 2008

Peaceful show of solidarity for Raja Petra - Justice for All...tantuya

misschickenkiller - Its one of those odd days that I write in my own blog. But im so proud of myself for what i did earlier. I have never done this. Eh, once la penah when DSAI reformasi. This is my second of such event. I was there. At the Sg Buluh Prison. It was a long drive but it was worth the drive la. We were suppose to bring candles and umbrella but i tak sempat la check blog. All i saw was this "There will be a vigil tonight (May 7, 2008 ) at 9.00pm at the main entrance of Sungei Buloh Prison. It will be a peaceful show of solidarity for Raja Petra. You are welcome to join."

I told my aunt in the evening. Just normal info that i pass to her before her turn to use the laptop. To my surprise she said she wants to go. I was still out till about 8.20. I tried contacting few friends to get them to check if its still on. Ermmmm no one was available :( . But then we took our chance la. About 8.50 we left KL. Reach there at about 9.30 or so. There were so many of them then. I saw Mr zorro unmasked, I saw Haris Ibrahim, then someone so familier but i cant remember which blog i saw him on. Oh yes Nat was there.
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