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May 8, 2008

Syariah court allows convert to return to Buddhism

Malaysianinsider - The Penang Syariah High Court has allowed a Muslim convert to return to her original faith of Buddhism.

The court's verdict today is believed to the first time in recent years that a convert is being permitted to renounce Islam in Malaysia.

An increasing number of legal disputes surrounding religious conversions has sparked anxiety among minorities because courts have invariably ruled against people seeking to leave Islam.

Ahmad Munawir Abdul Aziz, a lawyer for the Islamic Affairs Council in Penang, said the court granted Siti Fatimah Abdullah's (Tan Ean Hung) petition to return to Buddhism.

Siti embraced Islam in 1998 because she wanted to marry an Iranian. — AP

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Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah @ Tan Ean Huang with her counsel Ahmad Jailani Abdul Ghani after the court decision allowing her to renounce Islam.

The Syariah High Court in Penang has delivered a landmark decision allowing a Chinese convert to renounce Islam and revert back to her Buddhist faith.
Syarie High Court judge Othman Ibrahim said the court had no choice but to declare Siti Fatimah Tan Abdullah no longer a Muslim as she had never practised the teachings of Islam. more...
LANDMARK DECISION: Syariah High Court declares convert no longer a Muslim
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