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May 8, 2008

MUST READ: Raja Petra, The Unusual Malaysian

Sinchew - Raja Petra is a peculiar person. It is difficult to find another Malaysian who is as unusual than him. His blog malaysia-today.net is the top political website in Malaysia. Not many people can write articles as controversial as his.

During the recent elections, he supported Pakatan Rakyat and campaigned for them. He used well-documented and extensive evidence. He is singularly impassioned with his pursuit. His eloquence is sharp and can be compared with Anwar’s.

His articles and speeches criticise the New Economic Policy (NEP) and Malay privileges, as well as denouncing racism and religious extremism. He named names and showed no mercy. He published articles related to Umno over the past few years, especially about Khairy. His masterpieces have become the representative works that are anti the people in power, regardless of how true they would be.

"He said the corruption and the lies of the politicians are actually more taboo than pigs."

He is of Selangor royal descent, and his mother is a Irish. With his own ability when he was young, he started his career in motorcycle trading and grain wholesale trading. His successful career is the proof he uses in advocating that the Malays should throw away their crutches and earn their own living.

On the political front, he connected with the Pas and the Umno during the earlier days. During the Anwar incident, he joined the Reformasi movement and became the mover of the Free Anwar Campaign.

However, later he did not participate actively in any political party activities. He continues his influences by using the identity of a “blogger”.

In this diversified community, Raja Petra symbolises a new identity. He presents a new society and a new thinking, which are different from the traditional one. Under this new standard, racial and religious conflicts should be watered down and resolved.

As for the politicians' objection over the centralised pig-farming project, he said the corruption and the lies of the politicians are actually more taboo than pigs.

Of course, his outspokenness has brought him troubles. (By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by LEE MEI NYEE/ Sin Chew Daily)


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