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Jun 17, 2008

90 tour operators in Penang closed down

sun2surf - More than 90 tour operators in Penang have closed down since last year due to conditions imposed by the Tourism Ministry which they claim have been very restrictive.

MATTA Penang vice-chairman Johari Shafie said today the crisis has worsened due to the recent fuel price hikes which has taken a toll on inbound tourism.

"Business in the tourism industry has been demoralised by the fuel price hikes," he said.

"If conditions continue to worsen, the operators would be left with no other option but to shut down or go on strike to show their dissatisfaction with the (federal) government's inaction, he added.

Johari said the Tourism Ministry had for example imposed limitations on the maximum age of coaches to 13 years, and hire-and-drive cars and limousines to between five and seven years only.... selanjutnya.


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