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Jun 17, 2008

Blog readers not necessarily opposition sympathisers

thestar - [...] The study Peranan dan Pengaruh Internet dan Kewartawanan Bloggers Terhadap Pengundi Semasa Pilihan Raya Umum Malaysia 2008 (The Role and Influence of the Internet and Journalistic Bloggers on Voters during the 2008 General Election) was conducted by Prof Madya Dr Baharuddin Aziz, Dr Rahmat Ghazali and Dr Abd Rasid Abd Rahman from Universiti Teknologi Mara's Communications and Media Studies Faculty.

About 80% of respondents were aware of blogs, which were popular with the middle class and below.

"After making the cross matching, we found that there was no strong evidence that supports the notion that the Internet content had moved people to vote for the opposition," Dr Baharuddin told Bernama here recently.

He said many newspaper readers and television viewers had also switched to supporting the opposition in the March 8 polls.... selanjutnya.

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