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Jun 18, 2008

All about 'cleaning up the mess'

Free water... something M. Buguna at Taman Puchong Permai low-cost flats would appreciate. — pictures by Choo Choy May

malaysianinsider - This week, Selangor approaches 100 days of Pakatan Rakyat government since Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim was sworn in as menteri besar on March 13. In the Jules Verne novel, Phileas Fogg managed to go around the world in less than that, but taking over a state after 50 years of Barisan Nasional rule is far more challenging.

Like many Malaysians, most of us were surprised at the outcome of the election. Personally for me, it was about managing expectations, having seen how difficult it is to overcome the BN machinery in previous years in spite of the apparent desire for change among the people. I preferred not to set my expectations too high, only to be disappointed.

But change Selangor did. As the night of March 8 stretched into the next day and the EC still not wanting to verify the results, we feared the worst. I had to speak to our anxious supporters, telling them, “If we can wait for 50 years, we can wait for the next few hours.” Keadilan garnered 15 seats, DAP 13 and PAS 8. As a result, the Pakatan Rakyat government has a comfortable 16-seat majority over BN.

While on the day of March 9 itself, I immediately had obligations to fulfill – the funeral of a BN local leader as well as the wedding of a supporter – I was immediately asked by Tan Sri Khalid to help him in the preparation to take over the state government on March 10. It felt surreal. ... selanjutnya.

Raden kata .... "Aci!!! Jangan buang air, nanti orang negeri lain jealous sama kita."


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