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Jun 18, 2008

1:02 pm - KLCI breaking 1214 meaning SAPP is crossing over.

klse2118 - Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) is calling a press conference at 2pm today at its headquarters in Kota Kinabalu where it is expected to make an important announcement.

MCPXWhile speculations are rife that the party might decide to leave Barisan Nasional, sources close to the party have revealed that such a defection may not take place today.

“Today is just the first step. There might not be any defections yet,” said a source.
It is learnt that at the press conference, the party might once again call upon Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to do more for Sabah, especially in regards to solving the illegal immigrants' problem as well as poverty eradication.

“The party might even say that it has lost confidence on Abdullah's leadership,” said a source.
Anwar needs 30 MPs Malaysiakini learnt yesterday that Sapp was calling for a press conference today to make a key announcement that will "lead to a drastic change of the political scenario in Malaysia".... selanjutnya.


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